Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Choosing Marble Tiles for Sydney Homes: Polished, Honed and Tumbled

Marble tiles have been around for many centuries, first gaining popularity during the classical period--an era when the standards of art and beauty were defined most exactingly. Since then, marble has been associated with grandeur and luxury, and has been widely used for sculptures, decorative materials, and tile flooring. Marble floor tiles have long graced the halls of many palaces, mansions, and historical sites; but have also become a popular option in modern Sydney homes. Marble tiles are unmatched by any other stone. Its classic style and feel have made it a preferable choice as material for flooring, tabletops, and vanities. There is more than one type of marble tiles in Sydney, and interior design-savvy homeowners will do well to base their choices on factors other than their hues and patterns. Tile finishes, for example, are important to take note of because they play a significant role in determining a tile’s durability, maintenance, and look.

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